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Are Your Hormones Out of Whack?

Hormones have many important effects on our health. It affects us from our moods to our weight, menopause, sexual desire, fertility, food cravings, energy level, mood and much more. It might be smooth sailing for some, but might be a disaster for other. Millions of women are experiencing hormone imbalances and they feel like they lost control of their lives. Especially, those past age 35 like me!

Hormones are involved in almost every single process in our body. They cannot only affect our overall health and well being also can impact our weight/ fat loss process.

So, what are hormones?

Hormones are chemicals secreted by the endocrine glands and released directly into the bloodstream in the body to help one part of the body communicate with another, by sending signals to certain organs, tissues, and cells. Imbalances of hormones can cause some major changes in some women’s lives.

Just like me ……

What happened to me?

I began to feel changes in myself in last 3-4 months. Although I was maintaining the same lifestyle I was feeling a lot more tired than ususal, had low energy levels, feeling constantly sleepy even though I was sleeping 8-9 hours ofat night. I was getting ready for a bikini competition but my motivation level was much lower than my previous preparations.

I suddenly gained 10 lb. I was monitoring my nutrition and workouts and I was doing everything the way I was suppose to do. My body simply was not responding well to my prep. I realized that I was losing a lot more hair everyday. I kept saying that “I was freezing” even in the middle of hot South Florida summers.

My hands and my feet felt like icecubes. I knew my body very well. Something was seriously wrong. I decided to go to the doctor as a detective to find out what the problem is. My doctors visits started from gynocologist to internal medicine and ended with an endocrinologist. Various blood tests showed that my thyroid gland was underactive and I was a hypothyroid patients.  All of the changes I felt were the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I was both relieved that I found the cause of my problems but in the meantime and I also felt apprehensive because I was facing such a serious health problem. I tried to obtain information from as many sources as possible regarding hypothyroidism. It is a slow-growing disease. When the thyroid gland is underactive production of T3 and T4 hormones decreased as well and it causes metabolism to slow down. Based on my research I found out that some doctors do not include to check T3 and T4 hormones in blood tests so because of that they are not able can diagnose thyroid dysfunctions.

Definitely insist your doctor to include to check your T3 and T4 hormone levels. If necessary, go to a different doctor. Here are some of the typical symptoms of hypothyroidism:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Swollen face
  • Hair loss
  • Depression
  • Low energy
  • Fertiliy issues

I strongly recommend that all to all women over 35 years old to get hormone test. Even though some men can experience hormonal imbalances unfortunately women experiences a lot more.  Imbalance in hormone levels can lead to other serious problems. Because of insulin resistance, diabetes, hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid), and other hormonal disorders a lot of women having difficulty living their lives in fullest.

Millions of women with hormone irregularities continue their lives without adequate support or diagnose. It is ESSENTIAL to get your hormone levels checked with blood work. Low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) is one of the most common undiagnosed hormone imbalances can cause weight gain and can affect fertility. Hormonal imbalances can have a huge impact on your weight loss process.

If you have hormone imbalances you must bring your hormone levels to normal with proper medications and nutrition. Our nutrition and fitness habits are the foundation of our health. Our bodies can not work in a harmony, in a balanced way, if we do not have a strong foundation.  Daily dietary antioxidants, spices like ginger as well as consuming foods that are high in selenium it might be helpful to balance throid issues. Here are some food high in selenium.

  • Walnut
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Egg

As for me … I completed my first month very low dose of thyroid medication. I feel much better already!!! My motivation is back. I feel like myself again.I lost the 10 pounds that I had gained quickly but I’m still wearing thick socks 🙂 I will get a new blood test again next month. I will share the results here with you. I am always here to share with you my meal plan that help me to balance my hormones.

Talk to you soon.


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