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We are just 9 days away from 2016.

So, now that we are almost putting the holidays and the leftover pumpkin pie behind us, most of us already have a new year’s resolution list ready to go.

But for all the good intentions, only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions and just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. So, 92% of the people fail to achieve their new year’s resolutions.










Why do people make new year’s resolutions? Well, we all look back at the past year and make an effort to improve ourselves as the new year begins. We want to find more fulfillment, more happiness and get more out of our lives and make new year’s resolution to improve ourselves. Maybe in 2016, you dream about finally starting a side business and quit your job for good, get in shape, drink less, spend more quality time with your spouse, pay off debt, travel more, save more money, quit smoking, eat healthier or just have a fresh START!

Unfortunately, most likely (92% chance) you will FAIL.

Why you ask?

Let me explain…

First of all, most of the new year’s resolutions are not realistic, second of all, they are not measurable. For instance, if you set yourself a goal to be in the best shape of your life in 2016 most likely you will have the same exact goal on your 2017 new year’s resolution list.

Because “to be in the best shape of your life in 2016” is a such a broad goal and it’s not measurable and tractable. Instead, if you make a goal of losing 1 lb. a week for the next 25 weeks or run a half marathon by a certain date, then you have a realistic, measurable and tractable goal.

You can apply the same exact principal for your other goals on your list.  For example; I will save $75 a week until I can buy $3000 laptop. See, now you have a real, measurable, tractable goal.

Unfortunately, unrealistic and non measurable goals will quickly make you feel frustrated and discouraged, and ultimately, it will seem impossible to achieve.

Setting aggressive goals can be counterproductive; you’ll have a better chance of actually reaching your target goals if you take actions one day at the time and give yourself the time you need. You’re not going to get there overnight, no matter how badly you want something. It takes patience and persistence, and that has to be your approach.

Of course, your goals are essential to success, and knowing your why is absolutely necessary. Have you asked yourself, “Why?” The “why” behind any goal you set must be established.

Think of it as your fuel, your burning desire for doing what you do.

When you figure out your “why” you will most likely succeed.

After you find out your why, you actually have to do the work. 

You actually have to put into practice all the things that make you excited. You can’t keep putting your ideas and your dreams off until next week, or tomorrow, or after your semester ends or 2017.

But meanwhile, there is no way you can accomplish those things just by reading blogs, reading books, surfing the internet, listening to your coach at the gym or going to seminars. You have to do the work.

You are the director, the actor and mostly the STAR of your own life and its time to stop talking about all the things you want to do and actually just do them.

Whatever you want to do – and it could be eating a balanced, healthy diet every single day or getting in an awesome, effective workout 5 days a week with the crazy schedule you already have or get promoted at your job– QUIT SLACKING. Just do it. Don’t just talk about it. Do it already!

Here is a link to a great online quiz to help you to find out if you are a talker or doer.

Go ahead and take it and then share your results with me on Facebook at my Yildiz G. Fitness page.

Talker or Doer Quiz

I took the test myself.

My results?

Well, it turns out I am a Silent Doer! Shocking! LOL

What is it going to be in 2017? Are you a talker or doer?

Have a great holiday and happy New Year!



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